Tea and intermittent fasting

Lately, many people incorporating intermittent fasting into their life. Probably because it didn’t feel like a diet, but a part of their lifestyle. Here are answers to questions you might have been looking for answers to for a while.

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Can i have green tea during intermittent fasting?
Yes, you can but without added sugar or honey or any other added ingredients such as dried fruits. Nevertheless, if you have a high level of acidity in the stomach, you might avoid it. The reason is that tea contains tannins which can cause stomach irritation and contribute to digestive discomfort, particularly if consumed in large amounts or on an empty stomach. Plus, natural teas do not contain calories and can help boost metabolism, increase energy, and reduce hunger.

Can i drink tisane (herbal tea) during intermittent fasting?
Yes, you can. And as a tea, tisanes didn’t contain sugar. Fete de Herbes, Honeybush, Roi du Thé, Ayurveda are great for intermittent fasting. Those are natural organic tea, tea bled, and tisanes. They will bring a feeling of comfort and relaxation. And help you with hours when you are not supposed to eat in order to give your body a small break between meals.

Is it better to drink organic tea or any tea during fasting?
It’s always best to consume organic tea, unless you know very well producer. Because organic teas didn’t contain harmful additives, or pesticides that can accumulate in the body with age.

Keep in mind that it's important first to consult with your healthcare provider or a qualified nutritionist to determine what type of fasting regimen is the best for you.

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