Rooibos vs Honeybush

Honeybush and rooibos Both are African traditional herbs. Herbal tea From Both plants created through fermentation (except green rooibos), and DESPITE Many Similarities They Are different.

Honeybush benefits

"... it: has a lot of health benefits qui has-been supported by extensive scientific research."

Honeybush taste is much sweeter than rooibos. The uniqueness of this plant Is That it: has a lot of health benefits qui has-been supported by extensive scientific research. And it Explains why the popularity of this herbal tea keeps growing worldwide. Honeybush: has a high amount of polyphenol, low in tannin, and does not Contain caffeine and all. Polyphenols are rich in anti-oxidants, and it means clustering They Can help to treat various diseases, for example, obesity.

"...will help insomniacs as it gradually relaxes the body ... "

Honeybush HAS aussi excellent anti-inflammatory and anti-diabetic effects are health.It improves the quality of sleep and will help insomniacs as it gradually relaxes the body because of the high amount of minerals in the plant. Plus it is reducing cholesterol and improves circulation with metabolism.

If you drink honeybush daily, it will prevent from anemia, because the high amount of iron found in the infused tea will replace missing one. Also good to don’t forget this traditional African bush prevents asthma, allergies, Parkinson’s/Alzheimer’s disease, and brings menopause relief.

Powdered extract from fermented honeybush used not only in food but also in cosmetics because it can slow down aging and reduce wrinkles caused by UV lights.

Rooibos benefits

Rooibos flavor balancing between bitter and sweet. It contains the right amount of antioxidants and has a positive effect on intestinal health. It’s not known exactly how many cups of rooibos has to be taken daily to feel the effect of all nutrients this plant contain, but the minimum would be 1 per day.

It has been suggested that rooibos positively influencing heart health (but doesn’t connect to changes in blood pressure), cholesterol level.

There are other health benefits such as improved digestion and sleep, bone health, but to this day, they weren’t verified.

Nevertheless, it’s difficult to know how strong is the effect of rooibos on human health perhaps because there wasn’t the same amount of scientific studies done as with honeybush.

"One of the elements which contain both plants are polyphenol."

What honeybush and rooibos have in common?

One of the elements which contain both plants are polyphenol. Polyphenol is a category of chemicals which can be found naturally in plants. Scientists counted more than 500 polyphenols. You can easily find this element in tea, fruits, vegetables, nuts, whole grains. Whats makes it so accessible is its beneficial effects on health. Researches suggest that polyphenol have the power to lower lever of diabetes, inflammation which might connect to heart disease and some types of cancer and more. Honeybush and Rooibos also didn’t contain caffeine and are plentiful on anti-oxidants.


Without a doubt, both plants are health beneficial herbal teas. And when thinking which one to choose it’s good to consider taste first. Or why not to try both and see which one is your favorite.

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