What is the "Fête des Herbes" tea?

The idea was to create a tea blend that will associate with a vacation in the south of France during the summer and reflect in its name. The rich aroma bouquet of plants and flowers combined with beautiful weather. This natural tea should inspire and make you feel good.

"Fête des Herbes" (Festival of Herbs) is elegant, simple, and delicate. Refreshing during the summer heat, comforting and relaxing during the spring season.


Which ingredients make the "Fête des Herbes" tea special?

Green tea (Camellia Sinensis var. Sinensis) has been consumed in Asia for many centuries. Long before the creation of black tea. It has a lot of health benefits efficiency of which has been proven and prised by green tea drinkers for ages. One of the most famous is that green tea helps with concentration, energy boost, and at the same time destresses the body.

Peppermint brings a refreshing taste to Fête des Herbes tea. A minty aroma notes, a cooling taste everybody loves. This plant helps with digestion (relieves bloating, and relaxes the digestive tract). In the past peppermint was used for soothing headaches and cold syndromes.

Camomille is probably the most popular plant in France which relieves stress. And it can be found in almost every home. Camomille might soothe cramps and also help with digestion.

Rose is not just a beautiful flower but it possesses antibacterial, and antioxidant, relaxing properties. Its amazing aroma might ease headaches and migraines. Rose petals add softness to Fete des Herbes taste and richness to the aroma.

Lavender is always attractive with its amazing sweet aroma. Apart from being soothing, it helps with relaxing the digestive system. And can be used as an ingredient in tea. Lavender brings a touch of magic to a tea blend, and ads deepness to the flavor.

thé vert bio aux rose et lavande

Why organic?

Giving consumers the opportunity to be able to purchase easily and enjoy natural tea is the goal of le Thé Chic. All our ingredients are coming from organic farming. Because the foods we consume directly influence our health, creating natural tea blends is essential.

If you didn’t taste yet this delicious tea, follow this link to purchase.

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