Why tea blends?

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Tea can be blended with herbs and flowers, fruits. Or even different teas blended together. The aim is to achieve a balance of taste. Even if you are a tea purist. Do not hesitate to try blended teas. You will always discover something new for yourself.

There are also several reasons why people like to drink blended tea.

Health reason: We all know that tea is great for health. Drinking it with additional herbs and flowers it multiplies health-beneficial qualities. Indeed historically tea and herbs have been consumed to improve health. Even in France, in the 19th century, tea could also be purchased in pharmacies.

Experimental: Part of human nature is curiosity. It’s natural for the consumer to look for new foods to try. As well tea blend is challenging and has an element of surprise. Especially if you invite for a tea time friends. Who will certainly not remain indifferent to served tea.

Variety: Everybody has its own taste preferences. And variety helps satisfy them. It also prevents to avoidance of monotonous flavors. Because tea should always bring happiness and enjoyment.

Culture: Every country has it’s own traditions in food culture. In India people will choose spicy, lively flavors. In Japan delicate, simple, and refined. In France, the consumer often prefers herbal/flower blends based on green tea with a distinctive aroma. For some Asian countries, tea is a necessity, and part of daily life. For Western countries, often is about dedicating time for enjoying tea with a cake.

Tea blends can also introduce a new person to the tea world. Those can bring interest and with time open possibilities to explore pure teas.

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