How to choose tea?

Everybody has different tastes and preferences in food and drinks. And choosing tea is a very personal experience. However, you might find these tips helpful.

1. First look for flavors you find inspiring. As well as the type of tea you like, such as black, green, white, herbal, or oolong. They can associate with precious memories, maybe childhood sweets. Tea flavors engage our senses, connect us to tradition and culture, and bring us new experiences.

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2. What is the function of tea? Is it green tea for the energy boost, or a fruit blend for the afternoon? All have different levels of caffeine. Keep in mind infusion time. Tisane infuses much longer than green tea or black tea.

3. Loose-leaf tea has much higher qualities than tea in tea bags. As well it’s fresh, flavourful, and aromatic. This is because the essential oils and flavors of the tea leaves are preserved better in loose-leaf tea than in tea bags. Loose-leaf organic tea is much more environmentally friendly than tea in tea bags. And cost-effective, because you can measure how much to put in your teapot.

4. Never miss ingredients. The absence of artificial flavors and additives signifies that tea has a reputation of a higher level than the one supplied by the mass market. By the way, on le Thé Chic packaging you will always find the certified organic logo.

Keep in mind that organic tea is free from synthetic pesticides, fertilizers, and other chemicals. Is often of higher quality than conventionally grown tea because it is grown in natural and healthy soil. Organic tea farming supports farmers who are committed to sustainable and ethical practices that protect the environment and ensure fair working conditions for their workers.

But you might as well not make a choice. But try different tea on each occasion. Tea is always a personal adventure.

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