Why to infuse tea at right temperature?

Without water there is no tea, without correct water temperature there will never be a good cup of tea. Too hot water is going to make your tea taste bitter, prevent the release of maximum aroma, flavors, and it will be unpleasant to drink. While black tea can deal with hot (close to boiling) temperatures, green teas are much more delicate.

It’s normal to have slight bitterness in tea. Catechins, a type of antioxidants and part of polyphenol compounds, are responsible for this tread.

Keep in mind that a less hot temperature will make tea taste less bitter. And n°1 rule is to never infuse any type of tea in boiling water.

Consider also to purchase an electric kettle with a thermometer which regulates temperature and heat water to the correct degree. 

If you ask ”what about warming up water in the microwave?”. There is a lot of arguments on this subject, however, a recent study done by Chinese scientists shows that water in a microwave will not be evenly heated. While in the kettle, the heat warming up the container from the bottom and moves to the top. The result is a balanced water temperature suitable for making tea.

Whatever tea you choose to infuse right temperature (as well as steeping time, water) is going to help tea leaf to release aromatic and nutritional components stored in it. 

Screengrab and share with a friend this cheat sheet which shows the right temperature for each type of tea.




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