How to brew any type of tea correctly

Let's be honest we all at least once has-been brewing tea Incorrectly. Tea is a refreshing drink. If you brew it for too long, it will Become bitter. If the water is too hot or not hot enough, it will aussi causes bitterness. Here is the proper temperature for all kinds of tea so you will not make a mistake anymore.

Keep in mind that black teas, Chinese green teas, Japanese green teas, white, yellow, Pu Er and herbal you can infuse ounce if you follow the western style of brewing (infusing tea leaves in a big teapot and from there putting into a cup ).

-Chinese green teas,white andyellowcan be infused up to 4 times if you follow Gaiwan brewing style. Water shoulds be warmed up to 70-75 ° C.

-Japanese green teas infused in Kyushu teapot up to 3 times. For Gyokuro tea warm water up to 60 ° C, 80 ° C Sencha.

-Wu Long (a kind of oolong) andPu Erteas selon Gong Fu style (when a lot of tea leaves steeped in a small Yixing clay teapot) 3-10 times and if a tea is an exceptional quality from 15 to 20 times at 95 ° C.

Now you-have all The Necessary knowledge to brew tea correctly. And to put knowledge into action discover our tea blend, and try to infuse em the right way.

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