Easy guide to pairing tea with Christmas dishes.

Christmas is nearly upon us, it is a season for all the family to gather and enjoy lots of delicious, wholesome meals. There will be many of you enjoying a glass of wine or two with your Christmas meals but not everyone is able to have an alcoholic drink so instead this guide will help you choose the best tea to go with each dish that you will find across the dinner tables of France this Christmas.

"When you sip the tea between mouthfuls it helps cleanse your palette so you will get a taste of the different flavors with each bite."


Mixing tea and seafood may not be your first thought but don't dismiss the idea as with the right combination your dining experience can be richly enhanced.

When eating Oysters try drinking a cooled down Gunpowder green tea or a Japanese tea such as Sencha or Gyokuro. Oysters are a fresh and tender dish to eat with a natural taste of the sea and minerals plus they contain lots of natural fats. When you sip the tea between mouthfuls it helps cleanse your palette so you will get a taste of the different flavors with each bite.

The recommended way to do this is to have a sip of tea, a bite of seafood, a sip of tea and repeat. If you follow these steps your dining experience will be greatly enhanced as you benefit from tasting the full flavors of the dish.

Smoked Salmon

The best tea to combine with Smoked Salmon is Smoked tea. This is truly a heavenly combination as the rich, smoky aromas combine. On the one side, you have a piece of salmon that has been traditionally smoked on the woods, on the other side there is a delicious Lapsong Souchong tea that has been smoked on pine woods. Together they combine to provide a strong, attractive aroma that is hard to resist. As a bonus drinking smoked tea aids digestion so if you are eating a large meal then this tea can promote better digestion.


When eating turkey there are a couple of great teas that can really complement the main part of the

Christmas meal. The three that are recommended to drink with turkey are Hojicha tea, Gunpowder tea, and Lapsong Souchong tea. Drinking either of these teas with your turkey will greatly enhance the taste plus help your digestion too.

"The best teas to have with this treat are ones that are warm and comforting."

Marron Glacé

Marron Glace is a very popular candied dried chestnut that people have as a sweet treat during the festive winter season. The best teas to have with this treat are ones that are warm and comforting. You could have a spicy chai with milk or just a simple black Christmas tea which is full of spices and aromas we associate with Christmas.

Chocolate + Bûche de Noël

If you are eating a chocolate dessert, then it is always recommended to drink black tea with it. The reason to drink a black tea with either chocolate or a creamy Bûche de Noël is that the tea is slightly bitter, so it creates a great contrast with the sweetness of the dessert. You could try Assam or Ceylon teas with milk chocolate or Sencha green tea with white chocolate.

If you enjoy eating dark chocolate, then the best tea to drink will be Earl Grey or Pu Erh as this will create the perfect harmony between the bitterness of the tea and the taste of the chocolate so you will get a delightful taste.

One Final Suggestion

You may get to dessert and not be able to eat any more after eating such fabulous food over the course of the day but don't worry as there are some great teas to have by themselves instead of having a dessert.

To enjoy a tea for dessert, try a green tea or a tea that has a herbal or fruit blend, this range of teas has great flavor so you can really get a great taste without having to eat a sweet dessert.

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