Amazing benefits of black teas

Almost every tea drinker knows that tea is the most consumed drink in the world. To be exact, the population of 160 countries drinks tea regularly. ISI Web of Knowledge indicates that around 800 research papers on the subject of tea and health being published annually in various academic magazines around the world. 

Nevertheless, an entire worldwide population still prefers to consume black tea over green or other types. It’s 78% from a whole production which mostly drunk in Europe and North America.

Health benefits of black tea supported by science

Black tea always goes through new research and science already proved that major component which shares all black teas is polyphenol, natural antioxidants you can usually find in plant-based foods. In the process of making black tea and as a result of complex chemical reactions, tea leafs adopting anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and anti-hypersensitive qualities, positively influencing diabetes prevention. 

Black tea side effects

Black tea consumed not more than four to five cups per day will not pose any health risks. But if you are drinking more than the indicated amount you might have side effects which connected to caffeine. For example, sleep problems, high heartbeat, fast breathing, etc. Try not to take any medication or supplements with black tea because such combination can keep caffeine in the body longer than suppose to be. 


Every type of black tea produced differently, and because of this, they develop separate health properties. Keep in mind that all benefits described below will only be useful if you drink any of these teas daily. 

Keemun or Qimen Maofeng (China) tea is coming from Qimen county, Anhui province, eastern China. Keemun reduces risk of heart diseases, improves digestion, weight loss, lowers blood pressure. It has the same energizing effect as coffee but contains much less caffeine. 

Lapsang Souchong (China) originates in Wuyi Mountains, Fujian province. It's a type of black tea which is not popular in China but instead in European countries. Winston Churchill loved to drink Lapsang Souchong tea. This type of black tea is rich in magnesium, an element which helps to improve metabolism, development of bones. It can also lover level of “bad” cholesterol, reduce stress, protect heart cells.

Pu Erh (China) produced in Yunnan province. Sometimes it consumed to lower bad cholesterol as it contains chemical Lovastin and raises good one. Pu Erh is famous in China for digestif qualities. It is usually drunk after heavy, fatty meals. Other benefits from drinking this tea are an improvement of eyesight, circulation, and even ease hangovers.

Assam (India) tea growth in the biggest tea region in the world called Assam. It’s also known as English Breakfast tea. People often choose to drink Assam in the morning because it gives a good energy boost. This tea also contains polyphenols, flavonoids, stimulates metabolism, and digestion. Sometimes you can hear that Assam helps to prevent cancer, but scientists say more studies have to be done. 

Darjeeling (India) is a worldwide famous tea from the region of Darjeeling. It grows in high altitude in the mountains. Darjeeling tea extract can have anti-cancer-properties, but this quality wasn't researched well yet. What you can be sure of is that it keeps dental health intact because it eliminates bacteria in our mouth, which leads to cavities. Darjeeling also protects from ulcers because of the similar anti-bacterial properties.

Nilgiri (India) black tea is grown in the mountains of South India. Be sure that it will keep your heart healthy, improve metabolism and as a result will help to lose weight. Taking just one cap after a meal will prevent acidic reflux. Combination of vitamins and minerals will protect your immune system during cold, winter weather. Some people state that Nilgiri tea also helps to slow down aging because antioxidants found in its leaves actively combat stress and environmental damage.

Did you ever felt on yourself beneficial effects of black tea, if yes which one? Share your experience in comments.


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