Pairing French breakfast pastry and tea


The croissant is a French breakfast pastry, known worldwide for its unmistakable flakiness and texture. The earliest mention of croissants dates back to 17th century Vienna, a couple of centuries later gaining popularity in Paris. Naturally, this pastry has changed quite a bit over the years, but the crispy, buttery essence is still present and delights people all around the globe.

Croissants, as we know them today, are made with less butter than their "ancestors". Still, it remains one of the major ingredients of the recipe. They go great with English Breakfast black tea, which contains a group of compounds called tannins. Besides giving the tea a bitter taste, they effectively get rid of the greasiness you will quite possibly get in your mouth after indulging in this French staple. This combination will give you the ultimate breakfast experience.

Pain au chocolat or chocolatine (in some of the southern regions of France)

There are still ongoing debates on the origin of the chocolatine - some say it came from 15th century Aquitaine, others believe it's a more recent creation. While that may not be certain, one thing is - this pastry is made from the same dough used for croissants, only with added pieces of chocolate inside and a slightly different shape. At some point, bakers started calling it chocolate bread and later on, chocolatine. This delicious pastry goes very well with a strong Earl Grey or India black tea.

Brioche Suisse (petit suisse au chocolat)

The Brioche Suisse is an incredible pastry which, interestingly, has a completely unknown origin. With that aside, it has a spectacularly tender and rich flavor that, paired with Indian Darjeeling tea will blow your mind. Its distinct flavor and pleasant aroma are a great match with the Brioche. Another fun suggestion would be the rich and creamy Cacao Chai, which contains cocoa and some other sweet spices and will take your Brioche experience up a notch.


Catherine de Medici made choux dough popular during the 16th century. Over the years there were many recipes, that used the same dough. They evolved and kept getting better and tastier. Today we have delicious pastries such as eclairs, Paris-Brest, and of course, chouquettes.

They are tiny, fluffy and mind-blowingly light. Sprinkled with pearl sugar, they are ridiculously tasty and dangerously addictive. Chouquettes are complimented very well by spicy chai. This caffeine-free vibrant tea goes great with their delicate sweetness.

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