4 good reasons not to ignore organic teas

"... being white eco-conscious is not only a goal lifestyle trend ..."

Organic tea is years lasting debate.Sometimes you will hear arguments about the old generation who didn’t know what organic food is. And in one way it’s true, but that is because they didn’t have synthetic pesticides or fertilizers. However, the world is changing, and being eco-conscious is not only a trend but a lifestyle which more and more people follow. Here we described the top four critical reasons why you should choose organic tea.

1. Pesticides

First of all, not every consumer can differentiate non-organic from organic tea. And even if some of them will have similar taste, they will have pesticides in them which can be unsafe for the health.

" can’t wash away pesticides as you would with fruits and vegetables..."

All tea types are prepared differently. As an example, here is a short description of how
black teasin China are made. In spring (month depends on which tea is going to be made) tea leaves are carefully plucked. They are going through first, withering,the stage during which leaves are losing 60% of their moisture and getting softer. Then leaves are being rolled, which is going to trigger the oxidation process. During oxidation, leaves are spread on the surface and covered with a wet cloth. After, tea is drying, sorting, andsifting. 

As you can see, tea leaves don’t have contact with water from the moment it was picked to the stage when sorted. Which means you can’t wash away pesticides as you would with fruits and vegetables — all sprayed chemicals absorbed directly into a leaf.

2. Groundwaters pollution effects

Synthetic pesticides or fertilizers can also be found not only inside of a tea leaf but also in the groundwaters, especially in agricultural areas, where consumption of this type of water is vital for the population. Studies already proved that pesticides could freely reach underground water sources through the ground and contaminate them. Of course, this is not always the case, but the risk exists. 

3. Supporting tea producers

Organic tea cultivation is not a cheap process. A number of farms who are growing tea using traditional methods are still in the minority. Not every farmer can afford to produce high-quality tea without the help of chemicals and in smaller quantities because of these main reasons:

- It’s a complicated process, and often it doesn’t bring desired income.

- Tea trees are growing slower than the one on synthetic fertilizers.

- Bigger chance to be affected by pests.

- A growing amount of different type of weeds which tend to absorb nutrients from the soil tea tree needs.

However, those farmers who do own organic certificate take their craft seriously and with responsibility. So before choosing which tea to buy remember that purchasing biological tea is a way of showing producer your support and helping other farmers transition to organic farming.

"Pesticides can enter our body through the skin (case of workers working at the farm), inhalation, in case of tea and other foods through ingestion."

4. Health

Originally pesticides supposed only to protect the plant from the parasites but with the ability to be absorbed by the plant they definitely can harm our health. Pesticides can enter our body through the skin (case of workers working at the farm), inhalation, in case of tea and other foods through ingestion. They can cause liver damage, blood disease, suppress the immune system, provoke depression, and asthma. When you infuse non-organic tea, you release in water not only tea nutrients but also pesticides which tea leaves might contain.

For conclusion, you can share your own opinion about organic tea in comments below, and of course, you are free to drink any tea you like. But our goal is to inform you about the impact of non-organic tea, so be thoughtful about what you are consuming and keep in mind four factors described above.


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